What is DRX900 decompression?

The DRX9000 has proven to be effective for relieving pain for both degenerative and compressive injuries. DRX uses a direct method for administering spinal decompression that helps to relieve symptoms often seen in those with bulging, protruding, and herniated discs as well as sciatica, facet syndrome, and degenerative diseases.

The science behind spinal decompression therapy

In spinal decompression therapy, our chiropractor strategically applies force to the spine to not only improve disc hydration, but also to stimulate elongation of the spinal structures. In order to achieve the maximum effect from elongation, it is essential that paraspinal muscles are relaxed; these muscles are designed to protect the spine from injury. If spinal decompression is applied when these muscles are in the relaxed state, then parts of the spine (the bony vertebra) are spread out, which alleviates pressure on the herniated, bulged, and intervertebral disc as well as surrounding nerves. In short, decompression can help elongate the spine without contracting the surrounding muscles.

When a disc is damaged, a pro-inflammatory substance exists that often increases the pain associated with the spinal condition. As spinal decompression is applied and pressure decreases, oxygen and nutrients move inside the disc which facilitates healing. Similarly, reducing the pressure helps to decrease the herniation as herniated disc fluids are drawn in.

It is important to note that spinal discs are considered avascular structures; therefore, the discs in your spine are often slow to heal due to the limited regenerative nature of avascular structures. As a result, injured discs often result in chronic pain.

The DRX9000 utilizes advanced technology involving high-speed computers that calculated the decompression treatment for patients

Effective Treatment for Sciatica and herniated discs

If you have been searching for effective therapy for sciatica and herniated discs, then look no further. We offer a unique approach to treating our patients that is a multi-faceted approach. We utilize DRX9000 as one aspect of our comprehensive treatment plan.

Before starting treatment, we will have a consultation with you to ensure a proper diagnosis and to make sure that you are a good candidate for decompression.

Our unique, comprehensive treatment program does not only help to decompress herniated discs and facilitate healing of affected spinal tissues, but it also targets key mechanics of your spine. This approach allows you to plan an active role in helping to increase the stability of your spine and reduce the chances of relapse.